Marp: Markdown Presentation Ecosystem

Marp: Markdown Presentation EcosystemMarkdown Presentation Ecosystem

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The great experience for creating slide deck

Marp, Markdown Presentation Ecosystem, provides the great experience to create beautiful slide deck. You only have to focus writing your story in Markdown document.


Markdown Presentation Ecosystem

How to write slides

Split pages by horizontal ruler (---). It's very simple! 😆

# Slide 1



# Slide 2

We're rendering slides generated in Marp Core

  1. ---
  2. theme: gaia
  3. _class: lead
  4. paginate: true
  5. backgroundColor: #fff
  6. backgroundImage: url('')
  7. ---

  8. ![bg left:40% 80%](

  9. # **Marp**

  10. Markdown Presentation Ecosystem


  12. ---

  13. # How to write slides

  14. Split pages by horizontal ruler (`---`). It's very simple! :satisfied:

  15. ```markdown
  16. # Slide 1

  17. foobar

  18. ---

  19. # Slide 2

  20. foobar
  21. ```
Based on CommonMark

Based on CommonMark

If you know how to write document with Markdown, you already know how to write Marp slide deck too. Our format is based on CommonMark, the consistent spec of Markdown. The only important difference is a ruler --- for splitting pages.

Directives and extended syntax

Directives and extended syntax

Nevertheless, you may think the simple text content is lacking to emphasize your voice. We are supporting to create beautiful slide through directives and extended syntax (Image syntax, math typesetting, auto-scaling, etc...).

Built-in themes and CSS theming

Built-in themes and CSS theming

Our core engine has 3 built-in themes called default, gaia, and uncover, to tell your story beautifully. If you are feeling unsatisfied to design, Marp can tweak style through Markdown, or create your own theme with plain CSS.

Export to HTML, PDF, and PowerPoint

Export to HTML, PDF, and PowerPoint

Have you finished writing? Let's share the deck with a favorite way! We can convert Markdown into HTML, what is more, PDF and PowerPoint document directly! (Powered by Google Chrome / Chromium)

Marp family: The official toolset

Marp family: The official toolset

Marp family has the rich toolset to assist your work. Marp for VS Code extension can preview editting Markdown and custom theme immediately. Marp CLI allows to convert Markdown through CLI interface. Marp Web (Tech demo) can render your deck in online. ...and more!

Pluggable architecture

Pluggable architecture

As a matter of fact, Marp is essentially just a converter for Markdown. Marp ecosystem is built on Marpit framework, the skinny framework for creating HTML + CSS slide deck. It has a pluggable architecture and developer can extend features via plugin.

Fully open source

Fully open-source

We are loving open source! All tools and related libraries by Marp team are MIT license.

Tools and integrations

Marp for VS Code

Marp for VS Code Marp for VS Code

Create slide deck written in Marp Markdown on VS Code

Enhance VS Code's Markdown preview pane to support writing your beautiful presentation. You can see the slide deck output as soon as editting Markdown.

VS Marketplace GitHub

Marp CLI

Marp CLI Marp CLI

A CLI interface for Marp and Marpit based converters

CLI is the swiss army knife for Marp ecosystem. Convert your Markdown into various formats, watch changes, launch server for on-demand conversion, and customize engine.

npm GitHub

For developers

Marp Core

Marp Core Marp Core

The core of Marp converter

All official Marp tools provided by us are using this core as the engine. It is based on Marpit framework, and includes some extended features to help creating beautiful slide deck.

npm GitHub


Marpit framework Marpit framework

The skinny framework for creating slide deck from Markdown

Marpit, independented from Marp, is the skinny framework to transform Markdown + CSS theme to the deck composed of HTML + CSS. It has designed to output only minimum assets.

Documentation npm GitHub

...and find out all tools, integrations, examples at our GitHub entrance repository!

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