The story of Marp Next

 by Yuki Hattori Yuki Hattori

The first version of Marp was released at almost 3 years ago. At first, it was started from a simple tool for personal usage called "mdSlide". And now, Marp has been used by a lot of users who would recognize the real value of the presentation writer. Marp is amassed around 8,000 stars until now.

However, our headache brought from lacked maintainability to develop. We had received so many requests to the old Marp app, and it has to evolve to keep providing the best writing environment of presentation deck.

Today, I'm so excited to introduce the story of Marp Next! The full-rewritten Marp is not only just a writer. To be usable in various situations, we build a brand-new Marp ecosystem consisted of multiple modules. They are developed with JavaScript and TypeScript, and much more maintainable than the previous Marp.

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